3 Essentials Of Successful Learning

For Equestrian Paraprofessionals

Presented by Caroline Lindsay, Veterinary Physiotherapist and certified clinical educator of Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Students of equine studies have highly specialised needs for their learning endeavours.  The horse is a live animal and the many decisions made on their behalf can impact on their welfare. Making the right informed decision at the right time is therefore crucial to the practitioner feeling confident in their ability to apply meaningful 'horse sense' to the equines they work with.

To achieve this, the learning objectives of even the most basic level of equine study courses frequently require detailed study with a dedication to detail if the learner is to succeed.  This is a short course for equine paraprofessionals who want to optimise their learning with the essential tools that I have helped others to use to make the frequently overwhelming task much more manageable and enjoyable.

In this session you will discover the three most important steps to studying effectively with the ultimate goal of helping you to become a better practitioner.


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Caroline Lindsay
Caroline Lindsay
Certified Clinical Educator Veterinary Physiotherapy

About the instructor

Caroline is a UK based RAMP (Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners) registered Veterinary Physiotherapist whose training is underpinned by a First Class Honours Degree that qualified her to treat human patients first. Now with 18 years' professional experience combining manual and electrotherapy techniques with rehabilitative exercise programmes, she is also an MSFC qualified Saddle Fitter with a special interest in saddle fitting for the horse in rehabilitation and related problems.   Caroline is also a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapy trainer and has mentored post graduate Veterinary Physiotherapy students to exam success.  She teaches equine assessment and saddle fit checking on the MSFC course in France.  She also runs regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses for equine professionals, frequently selling out within an hour of publicising them.  Her full biography can be found on her website CarolineLindsay.com

Caroline Lindsay
MSFC  BSc(hons)  PGCert  AdvCertVPhys  CertEdVPT  MIRVAP  MRAMP

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